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      UCP200    UCP300    UCPX00    UCPE200    UCCP200    UCLP200
      UCAK200    UCSB200    UCPA200    UCPG200    UCPW200    UCTB200
      UCPH200    UCASE200    UCSHE200    UCF200    UCF300    UCFS300    UCFX00
          HCFS200    UCCF200    UCFL200    UCFL300    UCFLX00    UCFT200    UCFA200
          HCFLU200    UCCFL200    HCCJTZ200    UCFC200    UCFCX00    UCFCSX00
          UCFCS200    UCFCF200    UCCFC200    UCME200    HCFE200    UCT200    UCT300
          UCTX00    UCCT200    UCST200    UCNST200    UCC200    UCCX00    UCC300
          UCLC200    UCECH200    UCHE200    UCFK200    UCFB200    SBFTN200    SBFN200
          SBLF200    SBTM200    SBFCT200    SBFW200    SBFX200    SBLLP200    SBPSD200
          SACFTR200    SBPP200    SBPFL200    SBPFT200    SBPF200    KFL000    KP000
          MUCTBL200    MUCPPL200    MUCFBL200     MUCNFL200    MUCFPL200    MUCP200
          MUCF200    MUCFL200    MUCFB200    MUCT200    MUCPA200

      Bearing units structure
      The outer ring of the self-contained ball bearing in ground to a sphere, and the bore of housing in machined to a matching radius, bearing unit, bearing units This permits self-aligning between the two members. Following figure is a view of a Pillow Black which is the most popular type of Insert Ball Bearing Units with set screw locking. The bearing units have various types of perfect sealing devices and can operate satisfactorily under hard working conditions, especially for machines operated in dusty or muddy surroundings. Thus, they are widely used in agricultural machinery, construction machinery, textile machinery, food stuff machinery and conveying devices, etc. bearing unit, bearing units, mounted bearing unit, plummer block, housing unit, bearing insert, insert bearing, pillow block bearing, pillow insert, pillow block

      The housings of the units are produced in a variety of designs and different materials
      > grey cast iron
      > sheet steel

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